Sarah Case


The Share and Repair Network is celebrating all the fantastic, sustainable, sharing and repairing activities you can get involved with this summer.

Rain or shine, there are always interesting, new, cheaper and more sustainable ways to enjoy yourself or entertain your family during the summer holidays.

If you want to throw an outdoor party, have a BBQ, play in the garden or park, or go explore the great outdoors, you don’t have to buy brand new items that you’ll only use once a year. Instead, why not borrow items from your local sharing library instead of buying them new? You can also check out your local repair project to fix anything you own that is fit for purpose but needs a quick fix to get it back in working order.

Take a look below to learn more about the amazing share and repair projects across Scotland and what they can offer you this summer.

Share and repair projects and the outdoors:

If you’ve got any gear or summer clothes that you’d love to give a new lease of life, here are some upcoming repair cafes: 

Want to learn more and find sharing and repair projects near you? Take a look at our members map.