We work as a team to support The Share & Repair Network

Our Team

The Share and Repair Network is a Circular Communities Scotland project. Our team works together across Circular Communities Scotland’s output, whilst supporting The Share and Repair Network, too.


Your role

As CEO  ultimately  I am responsible for the leadership and management of Circular Communities Scotland, reporting to our Board of directors. In practice we are a small team and we all work together to tackle what needs to be done, so I can get involved in anything! My focus areas include delivering our strategic plan, representing the organisation to key stakeholders (e.g. Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Government), leading and supporting the staff team, maintaining our relationship with existing members, reaching out to potential new members, and supporting our Chair and Board.

The Circular Communities Scotland team

We are a strong staff team who support each other and work well together – I  definitely value  that. I have really enjoyed seeing the Board grow and develop and have a huge respect for our directors who have tremendous knowledge about our sector, giving their time freely to take Circular Communities Scotland forward. I also enjoy visiting and meeting our members who are central to what we are all about, they are doing great work and we exist to support that. Lastly  I value the opportunity to make a difference at Circular Communities Scotland, together with our sector we are working towards a more circular economy with all the environmental and social benefits which flow from that.

Supporting the environment

Since joining Circular Communities Scotland I am much more aware and informed of environmental issues such as the climate emergency and waste and recycling issues. Now I do put the right waste in the right bin and know what kinds of plastic can and can’t be recycled (I bore my family and friends on the subject too!). At Circular Communities Scotland we always take public transport if practical and one personal commitment we have made as a family is only to holiday abroad every other year.

Share and Repair Coordinator

Your role

My role is to set up and coordinate Circular Communities Scotland’s Share and Repair Network. The network supports Sharing Libraries and Repair Projects across the country to get set-up and to assist the many amazing projects which already exist to grow their impact and become more financially sustainable. I listen to what our members need and find ways to support them through this exciting project.

The Circular Communities Team

It’s such a strong team and everyone is so supportive of each other. My last role was working for a member organisation so I know first-hand how much of an impact is made by the team supporting our members and how much singing about members’ successes and helping them when they face challenges can benefit them. I’m really enjoying getting to know the variety of projects there are out there and the incredible work they are achieving.

Supporting the environment

Being a new mum my most recent environmental interest has been reusable nappies. It’s been a bit of a messy journey of trial and error but now we’ve found what works for us and I love seeing my baby wearing gorgeous prints instead of single-use plastic. Sometimes making changes to reduce our impact can be difficult (or messy!), but I think we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we fall short- the important thing is to just keep trying.