Sarah Case


We are excited to announce the launch of our latest video, “What is a Sharing Library?”.

Ever wondered what a sharing library is and how it works?

Our video takes you on a journey to explore the concept of sharing libraries, where you can borrow a wide range of items, not just books! From practical tools like drills and sewing machines to fun recreational items like board games and even musical instruments like saxophones and more, a sharing library has something for everyone.

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Saving Money, Space, and the Environment

By joining a sharing library, you can access the items you need without the burden of purchasing and storing them. With affordable annual membership fees and options for free or discounted access, sharing libraries offer a budget-friendly and sustainable way to meet your needs.

Featuring Edinburgh Tool Library and Music Broth

Our video showcases two fantastic organisations, Edinburgh Tool Library and Music Broth, who embody the spirit of sharing libraries in Scotland. Edinburgh Tool Library offers an extensive range of tools for borrowing, empowering individuals and communities to complete DIY projects without the need for owning every tool. On the other hand, Music Broth allows access to musical instruments, enabling people to explore their musical talents and passions without financial barriers.

Responding to Member Requests

We are proud to highlight that this video was created based on our members request. At Circular Communities Scotland’s Share and Repair Network, we are committed to responding to what our members want and need. As we continue to grow, we will keep providing valuable resources and initiatives that align with our members’ interests.

Ready to become a part of the sharing and repairing movement? Visit our website at to find your local sharing library or repair project. Whether you want to save money, support sustainability, or simply try out new hobbies, the Share and Repair Network has you covered!