Jane Dixon


Share and Repair Network member Linlithgow Community Development Trust has launched a new Repair Shop, in a move away from the Repair Cafe that had been successfully running for a year.

We spoke to Projects Manager Lindsey Campbell about what the difference between a Repair Shop and a Repair Cafe is, why they decided to make this distinction, and what it means for the repair movement.

Watch below as Lindsey talks to our Share and Repair Network Coordinator Jane Dixon about the decision process that prompted this transformation.

Lindsey also touches on the work of their volunteers and the inspiring visit they had Share and Repair Network member General Store Selkirk.


One of Linlithgow CDT’s Repair Shop volunteers told us about the positive impacts of being involved in the evolving project:

“As a repairer, there’s many benefits on health and well-being. Feeling useful, satisfaction solving complex repairs, helping people to retain working heirlooms or items with strong sentimental value.”

If you’re interested in using the services of the Repair Shop you can email repair@trust-linlithgow.org.uk.