Sarah Case


The Share and Repair Network is delighted to launch our latest member focused video, Meet Edinburgh Remakery’.

The video showcases the award winning Edinburgh Remakery, an environmental social enterprise with a vision to create a culture of sustainable, waste-free living, and protect our planet for future generations.

CEO of the Edinburgh Remakery Elaine Brown says:

“If we’re all working to the same goal of repair and re-use and the circular economy we can all waste less and live more!”

Edinburgh Remakery champions the circular economy by stopping valuable items and materials – such as electronics –  from going to landfill and causing pollution. They take in electronic devices for repair and refurb and responsibly recycle anything that can’t be reused. They run workshops in repair and reuse that empower members of the community with skills they need to live more sustainability.  Workshops share techniques in mending, altering making and reimagining,

Watch the video in full here!


Our series of videos can be found on the Circular Communities Scotland YouTube Channel, and aim to celebrate and showcase the amazing work happening on the ground in sharing and repairing across Scotland.

We are very proud to support and represent their work and look forward to releasing more materials elevating our membership’s work in future.

If you are already working for an organisation that repairs or are looking to create a new repair project, visit the ‘Join Us’ section of our website to learn more.