Sarah Case


The Share and Repair Network is delighted to launch our first member focused video, ‘Meet the General Store Selkirk’.

This video is the first in a series which will give insight into our members work as they host share and repair projects across the country, which tackle overconsumption and waste, mitigate climate change, and help their communities thrive.

Featuring CEO Sue Briggs, ‘Meet the General Store Selkirk’ celebrates the innovative work of the General Store Selkirk’s small team of volunteers and part-time staff, as they work to reduce waste in their local community.

Based in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, the General Store Selkirk runs a Repair Shop Project with a ‘no fix no fee’ mantra that builds trust with local customers, offering them the opportunity to repair broken items instead of buying new. Benefits include saving community members and customers money, as well as keeping salvageable products out of landfill.

The General Store Selkirk supports its Repair Project by selling second-hand and hand-made goods in its quaint and charming retail space, helping to pay staff and keep repair costs low. All profits go back to support its purposes of repairing, keeping things out of landfill and championing the community of Selkirk.

Want to learn more? Watch the video here!

Our Share and Repair Network members are all over the country, helping their local communities reduce consumption by offering sustainable and affordable alternatives to buying new. We are very proud to support and represent their work and look forward to releasing more materials elevating our membership’s work in future.

‘It’s one thing to talk about what our members do, but it’s another to really be able to share with the public the incredible work they do. I’m sure everyone who watches ‘Meet General Store Selkirk’ will want to visit the shop, and will think about things they have at home that could be repaired. The social and environmental benefits they produce are really significant and it’s wonderful to elevate the General Store Selkirk’s vision, as well as all of our members, who in my opinion can’t be celebrated enough’. – Emma Erwin, Share and Repair Network Coordinator.

If you are already working for an organisation that repairs or are looking to create a new repair project, visit the ‘Join Us’ section of our website to learn more.