Sarah Case


The Share and Repair Network is delighted to launch our ‘Share and Repair Sustainability Report Summary‘.

This report summary provides an overview of key points ascertained in the Circular Communities Scotland ‘Share and Repair Sustainability Report’, authored by Circular Communities Scotland Chair, Naomi Johnson.

The sustainability report produced for the Share and Repair Network undertakes a review of what we mean by sustainability and its relationship to share and repair, before providing overview of options and interventions that could seek to support a sustainable share and repair culture across Scotland.

The report found there has long been a strategy for managing waste and making better use of discarded materials, but to date there have been few initiatives that deal with the issue of overconsumption.

Calls to action in the report include:

To Policy-makers

  • To look at Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and investigate how levies raised could support an innovative fund to support share, repair and other effective circular activities.
  • To consider repair vouchers (as recently implemented in France) and the steps that may be taken to implement an effective scheme here in Scotland.
  • To work with the UK Government to investigate financial mechanisms that could be used to support the purchase of second hand and repaired goods e.g. VAT exemption.

To Funders

  • To develop funds that target the circular economy and ensure it does not remain the ‘Cinderella’ of the funding landscape.
  • To work with organisations to support and better understand the relationships between earned income and funded equal access so as to best support the wider sustainability pyramid of financial, service and environmental sustainability.
  • To develop impact-focused funds that support share and repair initiatives from city schemes to rural villages and communities for the longer term rather than seeking continual innovation with start-up support only.

To Circular Communities Scotland

  • To represent the needs of share and repair interventions to policy makers and funders as noted above.
  • To support organisations to better measure carbon savings and environmental impact as a result of share and repair projects.
  • To seek deals and partnerships that could be negotiated on behalf of individual projects as part the support provided by the Share and Repair Network.

To view the full report, please email and request a copy.