Sarah Case


Are YOU #ShareRepairAware?

Supporting your local sharing and repairing projects is an amazing way to change the way you consume, make less waste, and support your local community – but how can you actually start sharing and repairing instead of buying new or throwing things away??

Join Circular Communities Scotland’s Share and Repair Network this week to learn more about sharing and repairing and see if YOU dare to be #ShareRepairAware in 2024!

Do you want to live more sustainably? Change the way you consume? Fight climate change? Save money in the cost-of-living crisis?

Sharing and repairing are amazing ways to do all the above, as well as support charities and social enterprises that give back to your local community, but it can seem like an overwhelming lifestyle change when you’re not sure where to go or what to do.

Our #ShareRepairAware campaign is here to help.

Sounds good! How can I get involved?

  • LEARN about sharing and repairing! Read our campaign article (yes this one!) to learn more, watch our sharing and repairing videos, or visit our sharing and repairing webpage.
  • PLEDGE to be #ShareRepairAware in 2024! If you want to start, or continue to use and support your local sharing and repair services, we’d love you to pledge online today. It’s simple!

COPY AND PASTE a pledge that’s relevant to you and share it on your favourite social media platform OR write your own pledge that’s meaningful to you.

‘I ____ pledge to be #ShareRepairAware in 2024! That means choosing sharing and repairing over buying new, to help the planet and support my local community.’

‘____ pledges to be #ShareRepairAware in 2024! That means supporting share and repair organisations and working with them for a more circular economy in Scotland.’

‘____ pledges to continue our working in sharing and/or repairing in 2024! That means working to support our local community with sustainable alternatives to buying new.’

  • VISIT our MEMEBERS MAP and find your local sharing library and repair café to get started.
  • LIKE and share our posts on TWITTERFACEBOOK and LINKEDIN to spread the word and help others dare be #ShareRepairAware!

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Okay I admit it, I’m not sure I’m #ShareRepairAware!
What exactly is SHARING and REPAIRING?

Sharing projects allow you to reduce your consumption by hosting a library of items which community members can borrow instead of buying new! Items available to borrow depend on the library, but can include books, toys, DIY and gardening tools, outdoor equipment, electronics, bikes, cleaning apparatus, kitchen utensils and recreational items. Phew!

Repair projects provide a supportive community space where you can bring a damaged or broken items to be repaired by skilled staff or volunteers. This can help you save waste by using repaired items instead of replacing them. Repair projects often repair for free, for voluntary donations, or have a no fix no fee scheme. You can bring whatever you need, including electronics, furniture, equipment, toys and devices to be fixed!

Learn more about SHARING and REPAIRING and the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Amazing! Where can I find my local sharing and repair projects?

That’s easy. Take a look at our MEMBERS MAP.

The Share and Repair Network is a membership organisation, with over 60 sharing and repair projects across Scotland as our members.

We support and represent them, so they can focus on lending and repairing your items to help you save the planet (and your purse).

A big thank you to everyone who is joining in this week with our #ShareRepairAware Campaign. We’re pleased to bring attention to our these amazing alternatives to buying new, which help us all to create a more sustainable and circular Scotland.