Sarah Case


The Share and Repair Network would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported our #ShareRepairAware 2024 Campaign.

Thanks especially to all of our members, Circular Communities Scotland members, supporters, peers, and of course the public for helping us raise awareness about the amazing power of sharing and repairing as alternatives to buying new.

The #ShareRepairAware Campaign dared YOU to be #ShareRepairAware in 2024, and you delivered! Thanks to everyone who pledged on social media, visited our campaign page and spread the word about sharing and repairing in Scotland.

Sharing and repairing are incredible opportunities to live more sustainably, change the way you consume, fight climate change and save money in the cost-of-living crisis. They are also great ways to support local charities and social enterprises that give back to local communities across Scotland.

Feel like you missed out? You can still visit our campaign page or explore the rest of our website to learn about sharing and repairing, what it means, how you can get involved, and what local projects are near you.

Are you a Circular Communities Scotland member involved in share and repair, or a social enterprise or charity running, or hoping to run a sharing or repairing project? You can join the Share and Repair Network to receive ongoing representation and support!

Simply visit our joining page to learn more.