Sarah Case


The Share and Repair Network is proud to launch our newest research, the ‘Share and Repair Network Sharing Library Impact Survey Report’. 

The survey was conducted by the Share and Repair Network in August and September 2023, and aimed to provide an overview of the delivery and impact of sharing libraries in Scotland. 

We are proud to be able to show the powerful positive impacts of community-based sharing projects with the report findings, which demonstrate the economic, environmental and social benefits of sharing instead of buying new. 

Economic impact 

  • 94% of people said their use of the sharing library had saved them money. 
  • We estimate a total annual saving of £953,251 for items borrowed rather than purchased. 
  • There is evidence of further indirect financial saving through individuals being able to repair items rather than buy new. 

Environmental impact 

  • 81% of respondents stated that sharing library use had helped reduce their carbon footprint.  
  • We estimate that sharing projects generate a 10-year direct carbon saving of 2700 tonnes from people borrowing rather than buying items. Further carbon savings are achieved by using loans for the repair of items rather than having to dispose and purchase new. 
  • 90% of people said that their use of the sharing library had made them think twice before buying things in general. 

Social impact 

  • 82% of respondents feel more a part of their community by being involved with a Sharing Library 
  • 68% stated that involvement had helped them be more comfortable, healthy or happy. 

Read the report in full here. 

A total of 948 share library users from 16 sharing libraries contributed to this survey. Thanks to everyone who participated. To learn more and get involved with our Share and Repair Network email The Share and Repair Network is funded by Zero Waste Scotland and The Scottish Government.

Image: Share and Repair Network image of founding Member Edinburgh Tool Library