Jane Dixon


The Share and Repair Network was proud to represent our membership and the Scottish share and repair movement in Westminster for the first ever ‘Parliamentary Repair Cafe’ on May 8th 2024.

Organised by the Restart Project and Back Market, the Parliamentary Repair Cafe was well attended by members of the Community Repair Network, as well as repair focused organisations across the UK.

This unique repair cafe provided an opportunity to promote the ‘right to repair’ to UK Government. Westminster Politicians were invited to bring their broken electronic items for fixing, creating a space for them to learn more about, and engage with the Repair and Reuse Declaration.

The Repair and Reuse declaration calls on legislators to:

  • Make repair more affordable through tax reductions.
  • Strengthen design standards and remove barriers to repair.
  • Provide more information to allow people to understand the reparability of products.
  • Introduce targets for Repair and Reuse.
  • Support a new generation of repairers through training and accreditation.

Share and Repair Network Partner Elaine Brown of the Edinburgh ReMakery and Share and Repair Network Coordinator Jane Dixon were pleased to meet Scottish MPs Deidre Brock and Patrick Grady at the event, and were joined by over 30 MPs in the Jubilee Room of the Houses of Parliament. Both MPs have added their names to the declaration.

The Share and Repair Network is pleased to be involved at the UK level repair movement, which is gaining increasing cross-party support.

The Repair and Reuse Declaration has now been signed by 30 politicians and over 250 community repair groups, businesses and national organisations, including Circular Communities Scotland and our network members.

How can Share and Repair Groups in Scotland support the Repair and Reuse Declaration?

If your share or repair project is interested in supporting the right to repair movement, you can:

  • Join many other projects across Scotland and sign the declaration.
  • Contact your MP and ask them to join other politicians from all parties who are supporting the declaration.

The Share and Repair Network will continue to represent our membership at every opportunity. To learn more about the Share and Repair Network, explore our website or email our Share and Repair Network Coordinator jane@circularcommunities.scot.