Sarah Case


Welcome to the Share and Repair Network Website

The Share and Repair Network is delighted to launch our brand new website!

Welcome and thank you to our members, supporters, funders, and team who have made this possible.

Our website is designed to showcase the incredible work our Share and Repair Network members achieve, reducing waste through sharing and repairing projects across the country, and working with  and supporting communities to offer sustainable alternatives to buying new. It also explains what sharing and repairing initiatives and behaviours are, how you can get involved, and even has a special members area, full of informative and supportive resources for new and established projects.

We are delighted to share this site with you, and to have reached this milestone for the network.

Our Story

Our parent brand, Circular Communities Scotland, announced back in November 2021 that they would be overseeing a nation-wide sharing library and repair café network, a £310,000 project supported by Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland. This was announced by Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero Michael Matheson at the WWF Pavilion in the Blue Zone of COP26.

The aim of the network is to significantly increase sharing and repair facilities across the country, in order to reduce consumption and offer Scottish communities sustainable and affordable alternatives to buying new. This aligns directly with Circular Communities Scotland’s vision to see a thriving circular economy in Scotland, with communities benefiting from the social, environmental and economic impacts.

“For Scotland to combat climate change, we each need to change our own consumption behaviours. Sharing libraries and repair cafés provide simple and effective solutions to do this whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

“Rather than throwing an old item away we can repair it at a repair café, or even better, be taught the repair skills to fix it ourselves. Similarly, rather than buy a new product we can borrow one from a local sharing library. Everything from tools, clothes, toys, and equipment can be borrowed instead of being bought new, saving people money, whilst saving the planet.

“We are looking forward to overseeing and forming the new network and significantly growing the number of these projects in Scotland.”- Michael Cook, CEO, Circular Communities Scotland.

Since this announcement, the network has gone from strength to strength. We have  found our Coordinator, Emma Erwin. Emma’s role is to set up and coordinate the network, supporting sharing libraries and repair projects across the country to get set-up and to assist the many amazing projects which already exist to grow their impact and become more financially sustainable. Emma loves to listen to what our members need and find ways to support them through the network.

Emma, with help from the Circular Communities Scotland team, has overseen the Share and Repair Network brand launch, and the release of our Share and Repair Network Leaflet.

The leaflet outlines the network’s vision for every community in Scotland to benefit from access to sharing libraries and repair projects, and its mission to support and represent sharing libraries and repair projects across Scotland.

Emma has also been working tirelessly to support members, establishing an eNewsletter, communications platform and hosting successful events and meetings, all with a view to creating an informed, engaging space for sharing and repair initiatives.

Support our Launch

To support the website launch, we’d love for you to share it on your socials. Link our website and tag Circular Communities Scotland on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. With your support, we can continue to grow our membership, and establish sharing and repairing as the new norm in Scotland, helping us save you money, tackle climate change and establish a more circular economy.